Adult chat rooms no credit card required

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Personally, I would choose a store card that would be used often, and has a high return on spending.Here are my favorite consumer rewards credit cards. Scotia Cineplex SCENE Visa (link) ( If you are a fan of Cineplex and a collector of SCENE points (like we are), then this free Visa offered by Scotia is packed with value.) In the process of updating this article, I stumbled upon this card and I was pleasantly surprised at what I found.This card enables the card holder to earn “miles” on their purchases.

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It’s worth noting that they recently added a double points feature for anything you buy at a store that sells PC products (Loblaws, No Frills, valu-mart, etc).What I look for in a travel rewards card is one that has versatility and not locked into a single airline or company.As well, the return on spending needs to be relatively high, and preferably with an insurance package (updated June 2010).With this Visa offering 1 SCENE point for every dollar spent, and bonus points on Cineplex spending, the return works out to be at least 1.26% on movie tickets.The more you spend at Cineplex using this card, the higher the return on spending.

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