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Yet there are substantial clues as to why a headstrong daughter might have fallen out so catastrophically with her mother — the actress was the ultimate control-freak, a possessive perfectionist who sought to mould those around her.

Davis certainly paid a heavy price for falling out with her daughter, the product of her short-lived third marriage to artist William Sherry.

Merrill, who had walked out on Davis when their daughter was an infant, corroborated her allegations about Davis’s drinking — downing a bottle of whisky in a night — and her maternal coldness.‘I never saw her hug or rock B. ‘She’d visit with her for a while then call over the governess.’ He also admitted they used to drink heavily together and fight.

In sharp contrast, Kathryn Sermak’s new book paints a rosy portrait of Davis, skating over her personal failings, and there’s not a hint of black magic.

The 71-year-old actress gave her the job after asking her star sign and ensuring she knew how to make her breakfast, an egg boiled for exactly three minutes.

Then she began reinventing her, hiring a celebrity stylist to give Sermak a new hairstyle, and a butler to teach her etiquette after she committed the faux-pas of ‘cutting up’ her salad.

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