Dating a bi sexual woman

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My confidence levels around her in the past 2 1/2 years have been completely eroded to the point where I'm essentially and completely disfucntional in the bedroom with her.When we were being sexual with each other, ALL that was going through my mind was "what would a woman do" or "how would a woman do this".

You need to have more confidence, and think you are the hottest thing around, and that she is also lucky to have you.

And so as the relationship developed, I began to scour the internet for information about bisexual women.

And what I've seen and read has not been the least bit encouraging.

There are also tricky things in being bisexual that most people don't have to think about.

For instance, when meeting new female friends, I often tell them I am bisexual as soon as possible, to avoid an uncomfortable situation later, if, say, we end up changing in front of each other when shopping, and then after they find out I am attracted to women too, they might feel violated in some way, and I would NEVER want to make someone uncomfortable, so I lay my cards on the table and let them make their decisions and decide their comfort level with me based on the truth of my attractions.

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