Dating game play

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Have you ever been to a wedding and spotted a guest sat to one side, looking distracted, but with a smile on their face? Alongside the couples, we can see Southampton is a city of solo gamers, with 50% of people saying they prefer to enjoy it on their own. I’m sure you’ll agree there’s some interesting results around where the nation likes to play online games – so wherever you are and however you choose to play, make sure you do it at Ladbrokes Games.

We may have finally discovered what they were doing, as it turn out 11% of Brits have logged on at a wedding. At a wedding (11%) Heart-warmingly, we found that 39% of couples like to game when they’re sat together, so it seems that one of the nation’s favourite pastimes is a great way to bond. Which leads us to ask the question, is your city the sociable or solo-gaming type?

You have one very simple job, and that is to come to terms with a bachelor tonight.

Mississippi State needed, like, 5 minutes to get it done.

Our survey also suggests that women rule when it comes to multi-tasking. The living room reigns supreme of course, with half (50%) of the nation rating it their first choice, but a significant 18% told us they'd choose the bedroom for a spot of online game play.

When asked, 16% of females admitted to gaming during a date - in comparison to only 7% of men – proving that it’s even more important for guys to make a good first impression, otherwise their date might to pull out their phone and start gaming quicker than they might expect! London (27%) Of course, not everyone wants the distraction of their better half while they flex their gaming muscles, nearly a quarter (24%) of those in Edinburgh actually prefer to get their work colleagues in on the action and share the excitement. The 3rd highest result was a bit of a surprise, with 12% of people say they like to game whilst in the dining room – which begs the question, what are these people having for their dinner!

For the majority of daters, the hunt for love is a serious thing.

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It’s been a long road to humility, but he says he’s ready to face you again, so long as you call him “Mr.

MANNING: Ladies and gentlemen, our next bachelor is a bit of a fixer-upper.

Did your father sign the memorandum of understanding?

We were surprised with some of the results that came to light about the nation’s gaming habits, and how some women are tuning out of real life (even whilst on a date!

): It appears in 2015 that we now have even less time to make an impact on a potential love interest than we thought, with 13% of gamers admitting to playing online whilst on a date. Bristol (40%) Now, we didn't actually peer into people's bedrooms, but we can't help the fact that it turns out to be one of the most popular home-gaming spots!

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