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The similarly focused Project: Time Off, launched by USTA, shared research showing that two-thirds of employers are not so enlightened."There is a tremendous gap between what managers believe and what they say in words and actions," said Gary Oster, managing director.During the summer of 2015, the company is running the “Vacations for Life Summer Family Fun” program at resorts in the U. (In Europe, the program will run July 18 through August 28.) Families who want to vacation as overnight guests can book at the Diamond Resorts deals site. During their stay, families can follow the daily schedule to partake in activities like Junior Summer Chef, a top chef style game where participants have kid-friendly ingredients and compete to make the best dish.(They also receive recipe cards to take home.) How about putting heads together for the jelly bean guessing game, or trying the electric slide, scavenger hunts, hula hoops or water balloon contests.

For me, I watch others just delve right in...start right in....

S., Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and several continents, they are in a position to do something about it.

For employees, DRI does regular contests to give away vacations and, for guests, plans special activities. resorts, this popular program (drawing 75,000 participants last year and totally free of charge) includes a welcome party as well as games, raffles, prizes, food and music.

They are advocating for a federal labor standard that would give employees a minimum 10 paid vacation days and five paid sick days."This issue is a major concern for a variety of reasons," said John de Graaf, founder of Take Back Your Time.

"Not just pertaining to work productivity, which is an issue in and of itself, but also to personal happiness and fulfillment, because we are not taking regular vacations."Susan Kunreuther, Master Card's Executive V. Global Total Rewards and M&A noted how successful their in-house initiative #onemoreday had been in encouraging Master Card’s employees to spend one day longer on their out of office breaks.

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