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I was adopted soon after birth, but would dearly love to have news of my birth mother.UKPF have found that she was already married the time of my birth, and probably her husband was away in World War II.His name is Thomas Fortune, and he was a Mining Engineerclick for details Jacqeline Cass MISSING PERSON THEY SEEK: Russell Wayling 1934I was born on 5.10.1934 in Norwich, in those days what was called illegitimate.My natural father was named Russell Wayling, and he was in his early twenties at the time.I do know that he emigrated to Vancouver, Canada, and was well known as a racing commentator on the radio. If anybody has a recollection or news of Geoffrey, I would be so grateful to hear from for details Kim Chaney MISSING PERSON THEY SEEK: Vicky Chaney 1970I was born Kim Renee Chaney on 20th February 1970 in England to American Service parents. I do know that my father had a relationship of some years with my mother but was killed in Viet Nam at the age of 20.It would mean so much to me to have any news at all of my mother who returned to the United States soon after I was born, to continue her education in Washington D. If any of his family see this message, I would love to hear from them as well.

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UKPF have found her, and we have enjoyed a reunion after all these years. He was 36 years old then, so is probably not alive today, but if anybody has news of him or any family in New Zealand, do please be in touch.

My mother Maureen died recently, so I have no blood family now except my three year old son.

I would so much like to be in touch with my father again.

UKPF have done a lot of research, but here are simply too many marriages in Scotland of Jessie Mac Donald in the 1940s to make any progress.

Jessie may originally have come from the North of for details Tracy Brierwood MISSING PERSON THEY SEEK: John Neville 1972I was born 17.3.1972 as Tracy Jane Packham in Birmingham.

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