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In addition, number of qualified sexologists (Psychiatrists) and Andrologists (Urologists) is very less.It may be very difficult to find theappropriate doctor for your sexual problem.The Discovery Channel reality series is one of the longest running series on TV.Together hosts Jamie and Adam have logged 14 seasons, 248 episodes, and nearly three thousand experiments - winning 7 Emmys along the way.It is a modern, state of the art ISO 9001-20 08 certified Superspeciality Hospital devoted to sexual health. learn more There is stigma attached to sexual problems. It houses a conference hall, a separate floor for surgery with modular OT, Semiprivate and deluxe rooms, serene waiting, pharmacy, ample parking area, backup for electricity failure, laboratory and most modern gadgets for diagnosis of sexual health problems like NPT, CASA, Psychological evaluation by computer, vascular study to estimate penile blood flow and assessment of neuronal causes.We have thought of a novel strategy to help such people.In today’s modern age of internet, large number of people has access to internet. However I would like to go through the second and third rounds of counselling as well, just to keep the confidence going on.

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