Older male celebrities dating younger women

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I’m amazed at how many invite strangers to their homes on the first date.Meet in the daytime for a coffee — never a meal because you could be stuck for an entire evening with a man who bores you to distraction. One friend meets internet dates at the National Theatre coffee shop in London and sometimes sees several during the course of an afternoon. What many of us would prefer is to go back to basics and enlist the help of a matchmaker, which is why the launch of a mid-life dating column where two singletons of a certain age are sent off on a blind date is such an inspired idea.I learned from that relationship to dodge men who are more interested in rowdy, drunken nights out with their mates than spending time with their partners.After Lembit and I split up, he began a relationship with 24-year-old Gabriela Irimia, one half of Romanian pop duo the Cheeky Girls.We shared the celebrations with just seven friends.Before Jonathan, I’d been engaged to Lembit Opik, then Liberal Democrat MP for Montgomeryshire, who was practically my neighbour in my native Wales.

And having learned from my mistakes I have wisdom and experience to share.What I miss most are Jonathan’s affectionate texts; his arms enfolding me on the sofa; sharing the day’s news with him, and planning and cooking the evening meal knowing he’ll enjoy it with me.Since I was 18, I’ve always had a long-term partner.As a TV presenter and meteorologist — I’m the UK’s longest-serving weathergirl, having appeared on television for 24 years between 19 — I have a busy social life. I see a smiling woman on the arm of a handsome man, strolling through the park, and I think: why can’t that be me?It’s the small, everyday acts of thoughtfulness and love, that make us all feel valued, I long for.

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