Rainbow mary rusland dating

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Under Waterhouse add " Yorkshire, West Riding, 12 ;" and place this surname in the County Names: on page 422. In the event of- sufficient materials being obtained, the author, who reserves to himself full discretion in the matter, will publish a supplementary volume.

An immense amount, of information, hitherto not available, must bo in the possession of thousands and thousands families, and especially of those old families of gentiy and yeomen that have been long connected with particular localities.

Aldrich i Aldridge } 363,367,448* Aldworth, 329, 448.

Brassington \ 125, 129, 358, 361, Brassington J 460.

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Under Pritchard add "South Wales, 100" Both Prichard and Pritchard characterise South Wales ; . (2) No document of any kind, nor any paper of value to the sender, must be enclosed. (3) Every communication will be regarded by the author as intended for publication, subject to his discretion. Most books have a history attached to their inception, and, although strongly tempted to inform my readers as to how I came to write this work, I prefer to follow the advice of a certain little attendant demon or sprite, call him what you will, that hangs, metaphorically speaking, to my coat-tails, and brings me up sharply with a prohibitive pull. The Boundaries of Wales, 435 As defined by Statute, Race, Language, and Surnames, 436 The Adyance of Welsh Surnames into England, 438 The Character of Welsh Surnames, 439 North Wales, 440 South Wales, 441 Monmouthshire, 442 Notes on some of the Welsh and Monmouthshire Surnames, 443. Eive geographical groups, 576 The Intermingling of English and Scottish Names, 580 The Middle Land, 582 Points of difficulty, 583 Alpha- betical List of the most frequent of Scottish Names, 586 Notes on Scottish Names, 596 Border Names, 581. Note, — The asterisk refers the reader to the list of corrections at the beginning of this work. In sending such communications, the following points should be borne in mind : — s - (1) Neither acknowledgment nor reply must be expected, and no papers can be returned. A perusal of this work will guide the reader as to the kind of information required : and, where possible, parish-registers and old deeds and wills should be consulted.

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