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Early funiculars used two parallel straight tracks, four rails, with separate station platforms for each vehicle.The tracks are laid with sufficient space between them for the two cars to pass at the midpoint.A not-for-profit society is currently working toward its restoration.The funicular on Mount Vesuvius inspired the song Funiculì, Funiculà, music composed by Luigi Denza and lyrics written by Peppino Turco, in 1880.Counterbalancing of the two cars, with one going up and one going down, minimizes the energy needed to lift the car going up.Winching is normally done by an electric drive that turns the pulley.Examples of hydropower inclined-plane railroads in the United States included the Morris Canal in New Jersey, which connected the Delaware River to the Passaic River using 23 planes, as well as a series of locks along the gentler gradients.The Allegheny Portage Railroad, part of the Pennsylvania Main Line Canal, built in 1834 with ten planes as the first railroad across the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania, was steam powered.

The first line of the Funiculars of Lyon (Funiculaires de Lyon) opened in 1862, followed by other lines in 1878, 18.), also known as an inclined plane or cliff railway, is a type of cable railway in which a cable attached to a pair of tram-like vehicles on rails moves them up and down a steep slope, the ascending and descending vehicles counterbalancing each other.Funiculars of one type or another have existed for hundreds of years, and they continue to be used for moving both passengers and goods.In the 18th century, funiculars were used to allow barge traffic on canals to ascend and descend steep hills.An early example were the three inclined planes on Dukart's Canal in County Tyrone, Ireland, that were in use as early as 1777.

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