Talking to teens about dating

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These are my thoughts on dating I share with my girls – 1. A date is an opportunity to meet a new person and learn a little something. When someone asks you to dance, or out for an event – be cordial. Love it for that alone and put very, very little stock in it beyond that. A date is a chance to present yourself and your world to someone new. If they do not let you into theirs, this means something worth noting. “Along with teaching them about healthy relationships, the opposite side of that coin is to help them recognize what abusive relationships might look like,” Michalopoulou says.Talk to your teens about situations that may present a risk and how they can avoid those situations or get out of them if the need arises, Michalopoulou says.

“We can’t validate an adolescent if we don’t listen.

Whether you overhear your daughter talking about a crush or your son is getting ready to ask a date to a school dance for the first time, it might be a good opportunity to have the “dating talk.” As much as parents may prefer to avoid the topic, dating is an issue that most moms and dads of teens will need to address eventually.

Here are some tips for approaching the topic and some key messages to communicate.

Plus, find additional tips on how to get your teen to open up in conversation.

Parents should keep in mind that these tips are for in-person relationships.

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