Updating offline disk cache dating conversation topics men

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Regions you destroy through API calls or by are automatically removed from the disk store of online members.

In your application development, when you discontinue use of a persistent region, remove the region from the member’s disk store as well.

As mentioned at the top of that answer, browsers plan on changing their behavior to stop honoring the HTTP cache for the service worker file by default, mainly due to the type of confusion that you're experiencing here.Any significant data restructuring can cause you to retire some data regions.This applies to the removal of regions while the disk store is offline.The system has no way of detecting whether the cache region will be created by your API at some point, so it keeps the temporary region loaded and [email protected] Marashi it's useful if you are usually working with same url and different image value (Example: amazonws.com/your Project/user_profile_images/user1/profile.j‌​pg. This works, however I would like the image to store the image to cache, just not read from it if we know the image is stale!

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